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Even the most experienced and skilled require some assistance. From mission design to space environment testing, we strive to provide services that take the load off your development team and help you to focus on the most important mission goals dealing only with high-level mission and payload.


HEX20 can develop your CubeSat at the system-level optimized for its mission in accordance with predefined designs and requirements. It can be a challenge to design and develop a reliable CubeSat system for your mission. To meet your mission requirements we provide design & analysis consulting.

space craft design

integration &testing

Orbiting the Earth, your CubeSat is in a harsh environment, it is essential to have your CubeSat undergo radiation testing, thermal-vacuum testing to detect potential points of failures, go through sinusoidal & random vibration tests and shock test to detect potential risks. HEX20 can help you with full integration and testing.

integration & testing


HEX20 can design and deliver custom platforms based on your requirements. Our modular and scalable buses help you design, build, test, launch and operate nano-satellites and micro-satellite missions (in the range of 1 to 100 kilograms). These may include defence and commercial missions. HEX20 also supports non-standard payloads, as well as the ones that pursue innovative and unusual business ideas.

custom platform

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